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• Shipping & Delivery

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• $12.95  Flat-Rate Express Post Shipping on Orders $100.00 or Less

• FREE Shipping on Orders OVER $100.00

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Shipping & Delivery

All orders are dispatched using eParcel Express Australia Post - meaning super fast delivery to our customers. We only deliver to Australian addresses.


Discreet Shipping

All of our orders are packed in plain satchels, or boxes, and have no mention of this website etc. This is a plain, white-label service. In addition, there is no detail of the contents of the package, on the outside of the parcel, rendering it very discreet and private.


$12.95  Flat-Rate Express Post Shipping

There is a $12.95  Flat-Rate postage charge per order on orders $100.00 or Less, with FREE Shipping on all orders OVER $100.00 This is for eParcel Express Post shipping with Australia Post, or Toll. 


Note: If a parcel is dispatched, and when Australia Post attempt delivery no one is home, they will leave a "calling card" in the letter box, notifying our customer of the parcel delivery attempt, and the location (generally their local post office) of the parcel - where it can be picked up. In order to pick up a parcel of this nature, some photo ID, and a proof of living at that address will be required to be presented. A signature will also be required, and this also prevents fraud.


Delivery Timeframes

All parcels are sent with either the Australia Post eParcel Express Post service, or StarTrack Express. From our experience, this means up to 3 business days to all Australian cities, and generally if you are not in a remote part of WA or Queensland. If your customer is in one of these remote locations then please allow up to 5 working days for delivery.

All orders are sent with tracking numbers, meaning at any point in time you can reference your order shipment email and that will have a tracking link, so you can track your parcel. Sometimes Australia Post can take 6-12 hours to update upon initial lodgment of your parcel.


Non-Receipt of Parcel

We follow normal Australia Post regulations, meaning we will wait 7 business days, to see if the parcel turns up. If it has still not turned up, then we launch the formal investigation.

In the very unlikely event of a parcel being lost in the post, then we can and always do launch a formal investigation with Australia Post, or StarTrack and seek to locate the parcel. This will take a few days to complete, but they can and do generally find parcels that have been lost in the process, or miss-delivered. Recovery of these parcels is possible if reported within a timely manner. If beyond 30 days then it is unlikely you will be able to recover your miss-delivered parcel. Please contact us after 5 business days if you have not yet received your parcel so that we can start the process. We will stay in touch with you throughout this process.



The very nature of sex toys is that they have been used on genitalia. The problem is that STD's and other diseases are transmitted readily through body fluids and this puts it in direct conflict with Australian health and hygiene laws, and work place safety. Having said that we do accept any faulty toy for a period of up to 14 days after receipt - you need to notify us of the problem via email, and we will give you an RA number. We will also provide you return address details to give to your customer, to send the item back.

Once the item has been returned, then it is checked thoroughly by our technician for faults. If there is a fault then a replacement is dispatched immediately to you, without extra charge. If the item is working as intended, and has no fault, then we will contact you, and inform you of such. A new postage charge will be incurred for all return items of this type.

We encourage you to try a few simple things before returning the product. Please ensure that you tried brand new, and good quality batteries, and that you have the correct orientation in the device (correct polarity). Test these things before sending the item back, as in 95% of cases, this is the problem, and the item is actually working correctly when we test it. Best to avoid the conflict of charging for re-postage, and test first.


The product isn't faulty? - Why We Do Not Take Non-Defective Returns

Due to the very type of products we are dealing with, returns present a very real health and hygiene risk to both employees, and other customers. It contravenes many Federal Health and Hygiene Laws regarding providing a safe workplace for employees - handling or touching products present a personal disease risk are a significant issue.

If we were to accept non-faulty returns we would be potentially putting other customers health at risk, or contracting any number of STD's or health issues. We do not ever sell handled or second hand products for these very reasons.

We appreciate your understanding in health and hygiene and workplace safety preventing us accepting returns which are non-faulty, and beyond the 14 day warranty period.